Zoran Kostov
Phone: 02 3133 313
E-mail: neuromedica@neuromedica.com.mk / psiholog@neuromedica.com.mk

The type and concept of the session depend on the issues that need to be discussed (each Psychologist has his/her own approach, usually based on his/her education and Psychotherapy training). It often looks like a casual conversation over coffee with a friend. In the background, there is a complex analysis that is occasionally being shared with the client, to give an insight into things that are not “visible” to him/her. The more clear picture we have of the subconscious processes, the easier we recognize them when they influence our behavior, and the closer we get to correcting them.

University Degree in Psychology from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – Middle East University, 2006.

Work History:
“Mindheal” (a non-profit organization funded by Middle East University), Counseling Psychologist, Educator and Researcher.

Job Description:
Psychological Counseling and Education for dealing with life crisis, anxiety, panic attacks, adolescent depression, self-esteem, phobias and phobic states, working with social phobia and anxiety and running educational workshops on these topics. Psychological personality testing and Psychodiagnostics.

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