Prof. d-r Metodi Chepreganov
Specialist in Neuropsychiatry and Epilepsy
Phone: 02 3133 313 / 072222827
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1962 Medical Faculty – Skopje;
1968 Specialty in Neuropsychiatry at the Medical Faculty – Skopje;
1972-1973 Postgraduate Subspecialty studies in Belgium at the Electroencephalography Clinic;
1974-1975 Specialty studies in Clinical Electroencephalography in a laboratory and Epilepsy LENA in Paris, France;
1978 Continuing Education in Computed Tomography in Belgium and England;
1994-1996 Subspecialty in Anatomical Morphology (Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance)

Work History:
Since 1969 Clinic for Nervous and Mental Diseases at the Medical Faculty – Skopje;
More than 25 years of experience as a Teaching Professor in the field of: Neurology and Psychiatry with Medical Psychology for the students of the Medical Faculty – Skopje;
Since 2006 Neuromedica Hospital.

Scientific and Professional accomplishments:
He has published over 260 scientific papers and 130 monographs in the field of Neurology and Epilepsy. Some of them are: Imagerie des épilepsies, Paris 1996; Neuro-imagerie diagnostique-Epilepsies Paris, 2006; Neuro-imagerie diagnostique-Epilepsies Paris, 2007; Neuro-imagerie diagnostique-Epilepsies Paris, 2012. He has participated in many European congresses.

He is a member of:
European Society for Clinical Neurophysiology and Epilepsy for the French speaking countries; French Society of Neurology.
He was awarded the Palmes Academiques Order by the Prime Minister of France on behalf of the Ministry of Science.


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