Neuromedica is the first private medical brand in Macedonia that has been operating for 28 years already in the field of modern and advanced health care. 28 years of experience with a constant growth and development, and a tendency to reach a top-quality health care and flawless conditions for treating our patients. Through continuous investment and development of the work process, Neuromedica contributes to the improvement of the quality of the medical services offered. As a rarely pure Macedonian brand that is constantly increasing and improving its working capacities, Neuromedica is especially dedicated to the quality of the medical staff which is a major source of trust in the eyes of the citizens. Special emphasis on the work of Neuromedica is put on the advanced medical diagnostic equipment and the complete 24-hour medical service including home visits and sanitary transportation by our medical teams.

Our health care activities take place in Skopje – Neuromedica Hospital Centar ; Polyclinic Kumanovo and Diagnostic Center Kilkis – Greece with general practitioners and specialists in all areas. Neuromedica has more than 150 employees with higher vocational education: specialist and subspecialist doctors in various fields, general practice medical doctors, nurses, management team and additional administration staff.