Doc. d-r Vladimir Dugalich
Specialist in Abdominal and General Surgery
Phone: 02 3133 313

In his rich professional career, Docent d-r Vladimir Dugalich had the role of a Head of Department of Hepatopancreatic, within the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade.
Surgical skills:

  • All types of major hepatic resection, including right and left hepatectomy,
  • increased right and left hepatectomy,
  • central liver resection (segments IV, V and VIII),
  • segmental anatomic liver resection (segments VII and VIII, IVB and V),
  • biliary reconstruction, as well as
  • all bile duct surgeries,
  • pancreatic resection,
    • cephalic duodenopancreatectomy,
    • distal pancreatosplenectomy including Strasberg surgery,
    • central pancreatic resection,
    • duodenum-preserving pancreatic head resection,
  • laparoscopic cholecystectomy,
  • assisted transplantation of living and all types of gastrectomy,
  • all types of resection of the small bowel and the colon, including right and left hemicolectomy,
  • high anterior and lower anterior resection of the rectum,
  • bilateral adrenalectomy and
  • nephrectomy.

1987 – 1992: Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade. Associate of the Young Talents at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
June 1992: Graduated from the Medical Faculty in Belgrade with an excellent average grade – 10 (ten). During the studies, he worked as a Demonstrator in Anatomy and Microbiology. Awarded the Belgrade October Prize for his work: “The Magnesium Effect on Myocardial Excitability”
June 1998: General Surgery specialized exam with excellent results.
2002: Completed course in laparoscopic surgery
2002 – 2006: Worked with Prof. d-r Bozhina Radevikj, founder of the Liver transplant surgery in Serbia. Member of the liver transplantation team.
May 2007: Master’s Degree in Medical Science (Surgical Anatomy) at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade, Master Thesis: “The Importance of Prognostic Factors in the Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer”
September 2008: Elected a Docent Professor of Surgery with Anesthesiology
June 2014: Received his PhD in Medical Science defending his doctoral dissertation titled: “Early detection and risk factors for development of clinically relevant pancreatic fistula in patients after cephalic duodenopancreatectomy”
March 2015: Elected a Docent Professor of Surgery with Anesthesiology
Study abroad:
On recommendation of Prof. d-r Zoran Gerzikj, during the specialization, he has spent a month at the Venice Department of Surgery – Prof. d-r V. Tremolada, June 1996
Hammersmith Hospital London, Department of Surgery – Prof. d-r N. Habib and Prof. d-r R. Williamson, July – August 1997, November – December 2003
One month in “Paul-Brousse Villejuif” hospital in Paris (HPB Department) with Prof. D. Castaing, May 2006 (Hepatopancreatobiliary and Transplantation)
One month in “GB Rossi” hospital in Verona, Italy with Prof. d-r Claudio Bassi, April 2008 (Pancreatic surgery)
One month in Nagoya University Hospital, with Prof. d-r Akimasa Nakao, February 2010 (Liver and Pancreatic Surgery)
One month in the hospital with the Red Cross, Medical Center, with Prof. d-r Masatoshi Makuuchi, April 2011 (Liver and Pancreatic Surgery)
Two weeks in the hospital “Universitätsspital Zürich”, with Prof. A. Clavien, October 2012 (Liver and Pancreatic Surgery and Transplantation)
Monthly, in King’s College Hospital in London with Prof. Nigel Heaton, within the Liver transplantation program, June – July 2013, April 2015
Two weeks, Heidelberg University, Surgical clinic, pancreas and liver, Transplantation Surgery, 15.06 – 30.06, 2016 Prof. М. Büchler
Two weeks, Surgical clinic at Humanitas University in Milan, Liver Surgery, March 2018, from Prof. Guido Torzilli