D-r Simeon Mogilevski
Specialist in Psychiatry
Phone: 02 3133 313 / 077857755
E-mail: neuromedica@neuromedica.com.mk / dr.mogilevski@neuromedica.com.mk

BSc in Medicine at the Medical Faculty – Republic of Bulgaria, 2003
Psychiatry Specialty studies, Medical Faculty – Skopje, 2016

Work History:
General Practice Doctor in the Emergency Medical Services, 3D Kochani
General Practice Medical Doctor in Germany
Regional Manager for the pharmaceutical company Angelini – Italy in Bulgaria

Job Description:
Works on individual and systemic psychotherapy which treats the following conditions:

    • Insomnia,
    • Neuroses,
    • Eating disorder,
    • Panic disorder,
    • Social phobia,
    • School and other phobias,
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder,
    • Anxiety disorders,
    • Depression,
    • Psychosis.