Choose what is best for your health

Our mission is to provide better care for the sick, to examine their problems and further education to those who serve.
| Primary Health Care |

Primary Health Care

- Health care with general practitioners
- Family doctor
- Dentistry - Home dentist
- Pediatrics
- Gynecology and Obstetrics
- a family gynecologist
- Biochemical laboratory with cutting edge equipment

| Family organized health care |

Family organized health care

Neuromedica through its many years of experience is the first polyclinic-promoter of the idea of family-organized health care.

| Labor medicine |

Labor medicine

- Periodic systematic reviews for firms.
- All types of medical certificates:
Candidates for drivers (A, B, C, D, E category)
Professional drivers
Taxi drivers
For employment and work capacity
To work on a boat

| Diagnostics with the best equipment |

Diagnostics with the best equipment

- Magnetic resonance - 1.5 Tesla
- Computed tomography - 64 slips
- Mammography and EHO of the breast
- DXA scan - Bone densitometry
- Digital X-ray diagnostics
- Ultrasound diagnostics
- 4D ultrasound diagnostics
- 12 channel ECG

Only in Neuromedica patients from all over the territory of the Republic of Macedonia have the opportunity to complete and complete their diagnostic-therapeutic process in one place, visiting the centers of Neuromedica for:
- Epilepsy (epileptologist, EEG, CT, NMR)
- Diseases of the breast (surgeon, echography, mammography, cytodiagnostics)
- Diseases of the vertebrate (orthopedic, neurologist, RTG, CT, NMR, physical therapy)

| Management Package |

Management Package

Full diagnostics with cutting edge medical equipment performed by team doctors specialists from several areas. Recommended for active people who take care of their health.

| Specialists services and facilities |

Specialists services and facilities

- Psychiatry
- Psychology
- Dermatology and Venereology
- Surgery and surgical treatments
- Neurology with EMG
- Neurology and epileptology with EEG
- Oral surgery
- Ophthalmology
- Physical medicine
- Rheumatology
- Internal Medicine
- Cardiology
- Nephrology
- Otorhinolaryngology with audiometry
- Radiology
- Orthopedics and Echo of the Hips
- Pulmoalergology and allergy tests

| 24 hour duty service |

24 hour duty service

Neuromedica is the first private hospital to provide patients with medical care for 24 hours during the day. Domestic visits as well as sanitary transport are carried out with state-of-the-art ambulances, two of which are equipped with special equipment for transporting heavily ill patients and outside the Republic of Macedonia.