About Neuromedica

Neuromedica is the first private polyclinic in Republic of Macedonia. It is in this branch for more than 23 years. The provided health protection is on primary and secondary level with accent on provision of complete medical health care 24 hours per day, including services of home visits.

The activity of Neuromedica in the field of Policlinic and Diagnostic services is spread in two locations in Skopje (Centar and Vlae), Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre in Bitola, Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre in Tetovo, Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre in Kumanovo, Polyclinic Centre in Stip and Diagnostic Centre in Kilkis, Greece. These locations also include general practice medical offices as well as specialist services in all areas.

Neuromedica is proud with its 100 full time employees as highly skilled medical personnel (General Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses) and Management Team.



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Neuromedica commercial

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